Monique Musch, Senior Director R&D Strategy & Operations Thermo Fisher Scientific.

"I have got to know Bert as a very capable senior leader who combines result-orientation with excellent people management skills. He quickly adapts to new organizations and brings out the strengths of the processes and teams as well as identifies improvement areas. His broad experience in product innovation makes the difference and he can lead teams to sustained success and customer satisfaction. His sense of humor always made me laugh!"



Gerrit Sitters, General Manager Cell Avidity, Lumicks, Amsterdam HQ.

"Bert has successfully led a complex multi-disciplinary biotech product development project within LUMICKS with various external development partners involved. He has the ability to understand an organization quickly and creates structure, process and team focus in a short time. His approach is pragmatic, based on clear trade-offs and modern with respect to being agile and learning fast from the market with early product prototypes."

Andrea Moerenhout, R&D Director Dorel Juvenile Europe.

"We hired Bert as a consultant to support the transformation of the R&D organization. With his knowledge of product development organizations he was able to provide the right inputs that supported the creation of a new development model. His approach is very efficient and effective, asking the right challenging questions to make sure we stayed on the right track towards achieving the goals. He has been a coach, inspirator and motivator to our teams and stakeholders. Bert is a very nice person to work with, always respectful and challenging at times when needed to come to the best results!"