Besides training I consult about "Managing Product Innovation". See also recommendations.

I am seasoned in Product Innovation Management with international experience in Research and Development and Strategic Business Unit. I coordinated numerous New Product Introductions in sales and service organizations, both in consumer and business to business markets and gained my experience in corporate OEM's as well as in start ups and scale ups in High Tech, Automotive, Medtech and Biotech. I have a good understanding of establishing an effective product development organization in R&D as well as on company level, integrating R&D,  production, marketing, service and sales.

Is there chaos in your NPD and NPI organization? Is the fuzzy front end way too fuzzy and slow?  People get stressed but projects are still too late and not on the targeted quality? Is the program overloaded, R&D not connected to business strategy, product management not on board?  I, or one of my partners, can help you. We do an analysis of the situation and coördinate the implementation of the improvements. 


Find below a list of specific items I can help you with, in start ups, scale ups and corporate environments.

  • Connecting R&D to business strategy.
  • Steering the project on business value,  using trade offs and the business case to take business driven project decisions.
  • Portfolio and program management.
  • Understanding why "Cost of Delay" is much higher than project cost.
  • Steering on speed and Time to Market: Blitzkrieg Product Development
  • Managing the Fuzzy Front End and turn it into the Fast Front End.
  • Marketing and Sales involvement in the early phase.
  • Effective marketing of a new product.
  • From product to program architecture.
  • Team organization and leadership.
  • Effective matrix management.
  • Pros and cons of Stage Gate processes alternatives.
  • Why conventional Project Management disturbs the flow in modern Product Development and what works better.
  • Cadence to get flow and speed.
  • Defining the MVP, validating the “leap of faith”.
  • Service product innovation and servitization.