Product Innovation: Leadership and organization makes the difference.

The vision of VAN APPEVEN | IDEA TO BUSINESS is that leadership and organization are major drivers to bring ideas to business fast. Apart from having great ideas and technology, effective portfolio, program and market introduction management are crucial in product innovation.

What motivated me to start coaching and training with my own company is that I see lots of companies with great ideas and technology struggling with setting up an effective and efficient product innovation organization.

Our mission is coaching and training start-ups, scale-ups and larger OEM's to develop leadership and organization to bring ideas to business fast.

Our service is consulting and training in the field of Managing Product Innovation. Do you understand why todays Project Management can disturb the flow in modern Product Innovation and what works better? Do you know how to turn the Fuzzy Front End into the Fast Front End? Two of the many topics we can give consultation about.

Our style can be described as result driven, pragmatic, no nonsense and always taking into account the overall vision and goal. We like to make complex matters simple and always look at the bigger picture.

It is great to have quite some seasoned experts in my network. These partners collaborate with me. As a result van Appeven | Idea to Business has an optimal blend of Project Management, System Engineering, Business & Finance, Portfolio Strategy and Product Marketing expertise available to support bringing ideas to business fast.

An important part of our offer is our course “Leadership in Product Innovation”. This course gives a holistic and integral view on product innovation. It is built around a real-life case and covers the total flow from market and user needs to succesfull market introduction and profit. Explained will be what really works, pragmatic, down to earth and business driven. Buzz words and hypes will be demystified.