Organizational Design: Structure and Culture

What motivated me to start my own company is that I see lots of companies with great ideas and technology struggling with setting up an effective product innovation organization.

The vision of VAN APPEVEN | IDEA TO BUSINESS is that Organizational Design is a major driver to bring ideas to business fast. Apart from having great ideas and technology, setting up the right organization to foster innovation is crucial.

And that is what we excel at and have been doing for quite some years now: Organizational Design for Tech Innovation. We specialize in bringing STRUCTURE to both the competency and program organization to foster innovation and break down those pesky silos. Plus, we know about cultivating the right CULTURE in the tech space, focusing on teams, leadership, and collaboration to get things done.


It is great to have seasoned experts in my network. These partners collaborate with me. As a result van Appeven | Idea to Business has an optimal blend of competences available to support you in your innovation journey.

Our style can be described as result driven, pragmatic, no nonsense and always taking into account the overall goals of our customers. We like to make complex matters clear and always look at the bigger picture.


An important part of our offer is the course “Organizational Design for Tech Innovation”. This course gives a holistic and integral view on product innovation and focusses on bringing structure and culture. It is built around a real-life case and covers the total flow from market and user needs to succesfull market introduction and business. Explained will be what really works, pragmatic, down to earth and business driven. Buzz words and hypes will be demystified.


Besides training we consult about "Organizational Design for Tech Innovation". Is there chaos in your product innovation organization? Is the fuzzy front end way too fuzzy and slow?  People get stressed but projects are still too late and not on the targeted quality? Is the program overloaded, R&D not connected to business strategy, product management not on board?  I, or one of my partners, can help you. We do an analysis of the situation and coördinate the implementation of the improvements.

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